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Stasi style and a big pig’s leg in Berlin below zero

25 Jul

Sinister made stylish - the Stasi van

The Stasi museum in East Berlin is an unassuming modern building snuggling in the middle of blocks of flats just off the main street. Inside, it’s a shrine to 1960’s style, not at all like an evil lair. This retro-chic Trabant van in the Stasi museum was used to transport prisoners for interrogation to Stasi HQ in East Berlin. The windows had pretty curtains to hide the unfortunate suspects inside. When we visited it was minus 15ºC in the daytime and we took the metro over, but decided to walk back to West Berlin – about 2 hours through a foot of snow.

It was interesting to see the city like that but when we got back we were cold and starving and ended up at a ‘traditional’ German restaurant. We ordered off the English language menu and Melvyn fancied a spot of roast leg of pork with spiced red cabbage and potato dumplings. My modest dish arrived and a few minutes later I saw the waitress come out of the kitchen struggling with a large piece of wood with an enormous leg of pig on it with a large dagger sticking out of the top. Melvyn’s face was a picture when he saw it. He did his best but didn’t manage to finish it.


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