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A hunky male model and electrocuting fleas.

2 Aug

Hunky male model


I fancied doing some life drawing but it wasn’t life drawing group night so I borrowed Melvyn’s childhood Action Man, set up a floodlight and posed the little chap on a stool while I did this ink drawing of him. Best model I ever had – didn’t move a muscle. He’s got really big feet and weird ankles though and his boiler suit is quite threadbare. For the tecchies, I used Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens onto 200gsm watercolour paper.


We recently bought an electric fleazapper comb as part of our advanced weaponry against the appalling plague of cat fleas we’ve endured this year. Loads of households, including ours, are now immune to Frontline so we’ve started using a new prescribed medication from our vets. Alongside that we’ve sprayed the house with deadly poison; we’re hoovering top to bottom every day; and we’re combing the cats daily with our fleazapper. Unfortunately, the cats are not in the least bit grateful – I have the scars to prove it! Our little nephews think it’s cool though. Gruesome.

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