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An Early Morning Cat, The Eisteddfod and a brilliant floating office.

4 Aug

Ming the Merciless lolling on the bed


Had to get up early yesterday and as I was lying in bed trying to convince myself that I needed to wake up [I’m not a morning person] I reached for my sketchbook and did some drawings of Ming the Merciless who was lolling around on the bed. She throws some great shapes.


Then reality hit and we set off for The Eisteddfod. In Wrexham! About 150 miles North. We got there around lunchtime and I spent most of the afternoon in Lle Celf, The Art Pavilion. I was really impressed with the exhibition, particularly Penny Hallas’ work and the H2Office in the architectural prize film. Here’s the link for it – it’s fantastic []. I fancy living in one. Not sure the cats would be keen though.


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