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A Link to The Beatles, Scribbling Faces and The Arandora Star

7 Aug

Victor Spinetti telling tales

I carry my sketchbook all the time and take every chance I can to have a scribble. One night some friends invited us to a fundraising evening for the Arandora Star memorial. It was a great opportunity for sketching faces and I did some drawings there. The guest speaker was the veteran actor Victor Spinetti whose vast career included appearing in three Beatles films, apparently because George Harrison’s Mam fancied him! He is sweet and funny and an excellent raconteur. I did this drawing of him, but he was so animated it doesn’t really do him justice because he just wouldn’t keep still.

People-scribbling at The Arandora Star benefit


During World War Two, the British Government decided to round up ‘aliens’ from German, Austrian and Italian backgrounds and deport them. These included many men from South Wales, part of the warm and welcoming ‘café’ culture during the twenties and thirties, who were dragged away from their families in the middle of the night and interned. They were put onto The Arandora Star which sailed for Canada, but it was torpedoed and sunk by a German U boat, killing over 800 innocent people. The South Wales Italian community raised money to erect a memorial in Cardiff to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the dreadful event. Few Italian-Welsh families were left untouched by this tragedy.


A lady with a fascinating face


Not only did we have the wonderful Victor Spinetti that night, we also had fabulous catering and I wolfed down TWO home-made pannacottas in between scribbling. I’m anybody’s for a good pannacotta. Seriously.


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