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Cats in My Sketchbook

9 Aug

Ink drawing: cat and lizard.


I think that cats are good for drawing practice as they’re surprisingly difficult to draw. I’m so used to using the human body as a subject that cats are a completely alien lifeform when it comes to scribbling; not only do they have different skeletons which work in strange ways, like knees that bend backwards, but they’re also covered in fur, which is really hard to represent. It’s so much easier to draw hairless apes like us.


I put drawing firmly at the centre of my artistic practice and I try to do at least one a day in my sketchbook as well as those I do in life-drawing sessions and preparatory drawings for printmaking and painting. For everyday drawing I like to use a small format, A5 or smaller with good quality paper and I generally use Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, usually an ‘S’ to start the drawing off, then detailing with an ‘F’ and ‘B’.


Cats are good for opportunistic drawing because they seem to like posing. This ink drawing in my sketchbook is of Ming the Merciless sitting on a little treasure chest next to a ‘beany’ toy lizard on our window seat overlooking the house opposite. The window is open and she’s sunning herself.


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