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Man / Superman at The Met, NYC

10 Aug

Ink drawing: Man / Superman at The Met, NYC.


On one of my visits to New York City I spent a happy couple of days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s a fantastic place and even after two days I hadn’t seen everything. I took my sketchbook, as ever, and did this ink drawing of a small group of children taking part in an educational project. One of the dads was lounging on the floor wearing a yarmulke with the Superman logo on it.

It reminded me of a couple of books I’d recently read. ‘Men of Tomorrow’ by Gerard Jones is a history of the development of the comic book and features the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, two skinny, poor Jewish lads with a talent for writing and drawing, who called on their poverty-stricken upbringing in the 1920’s to create a superhero. So Superman is Jewish.

Michael Chabon continued the theme in his novel ‘Kavalier and Klay’, about two poor Jewish – American boys who create a superhero based on the Jewish Golem. So there was a bit of serendipity when I saw this man relaxing. Sadly, in the real world, Siegel and Shuster were robbed of the copyright and this was only redressed when they were very elderly. By that time, poor Joe Shuster had been living in poverty for many years – he had gone blind which was particularly tragic for an artist. Stan Lee, amongst others, led a campaign to get them awarded some royalties as the Superman films were grossing millions.

I really enjoyed the Polynesian section in the museum and we saw Damien Hirst’s shark in a tank. It was rotting and bits were floating away from its body. Gross.





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