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Rampant Paper-Geekery [parental guidance suggested]

15 Aug

I spent Saturday at Swansea Print Workshop [] developing a large piece of artwork which was based on a drawing I did at life drawing group, working with a professional model. I went in again this morning to finish it off. The technique I use is three-colour reduction monotype – for the uninitiated, that’s like a full colour oil painting onto paper, instead of canvas.

I’m a paper geek – I love it – I used to eat paper when I was little. I don’t eat it any more but I sniff it and roll it around my fingertips to feel the texture and sometimes stroke my cheek with it. That may sound really eccentric. Well, it is, but it keeps me off the streets.


The Warrior x 3.

Today’s piece is in litho ink in process yellow, red and blue oil pigments onto BFK Rives 300gsm hand-made unbleached paper. The paper is gorgeous; a pale creamy white with a deckled edge and a beautifully translucent watermark. It has a fine smooth surface, not shiny, with a very light nap. The monotype process produces one full-colour piece and a second, paler piece, called a ‘ghost’. The picture shows my original drawing [in conté crayon, charcoal, graphite, black and white ink and oilbars] at the bottom; the full-colour monotype in the centre; and the ghost monotype at the top. The model is a young man I like to call ‘The Warrior’


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