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Two Drawings of the Third Kitten of the Apocalypse

16 Aug

Pastel drawing: the third kitten of the apocalypse.

Our dear old tomcat, Bola, died in August two years ago when he was nearly twenty years old. He was a great big black panther of a moggy with the sweetest nature. We had our two younger ones, Bobbit and Ming the Merciless and decided that we wouldn’t have any more kitties. No-one could take Bola’s place anyway. But our nieces had other ideas and turned up with a photo of an adorable little family group of kittens and a sob story and so we were ‘persuaded’ to take in a little newcomer. Melvyn didn’t want another tomcat. Even though we’ve always had our pets neutered, our toms never lost their liking for leaving little puddles around the house so we chose a sweet little tortoiseshell [calico] female kitten from the photo.

A few weeks later our nieces arrived with a tiny ball of fluff in a carrying box. She was pretty with beautiful markings, mostly black with unusual orange and cream patterns and lovely gleaming white socks and bib. But there was a strange symmetrical formation on her forehead. The pattern in her fur formed a sort of death-head mask effect. So we decided to give her a name to match and chose Sparta after the film 300. I sent a photo of her to my friend Anne who emailed me back with the words ‘Oh My God – it’s the Third Kitten of the Apocalypse!’, which has stuck.

Digital drawing: Angry Sparta.

The top drawing is one of mine, done in pastels onto Somerset paper on a dark grey ground of System 3 acrylic. The bottom drawing was done by Melvyn straight onto his laptop using Adobe Photoshop and printed out in archival inks onto Somerset photo paper. They both show clearly her death-head marking, but Melvyn’s also captures the dangerous expression that lives up to her name.

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