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Hot Rods, Velocettes and The Yellow Submarine.

21 Aug

Ink Drawing: Hot Rods at the seaside.


We’re having a few days away on the English South coast in a very typical small seaside town with some friends and this very sunny morning we wandered down to a field by the seafront to a festival of vintage and custom motorbikes and cars, with leather-clad bikers, heavy rock bands and ………. the Women’s Institute cake stall. We discovered the 21st century version of the British Summer Fete!

 There were loads of beautiful classic bikes – I fell in love with a gorgeous Velocette – and even a couple of Vespa scooters fully kitted out in 1960’s Mod style as well as dozens of Hot Rods and beautifully restored vintage cars. A young couple with a lovely little Hillman Minx were using it to pull a fantastic home-made caravanette, lovingly fashioned from plywood with the most amazing storage solutions and looking like a large grey woodlouse. The event was very cool and laid back but even so, perhaps because of jitters over the recent riots, there was a Police CCTV van on site with three bored officers lolling about in it with absolutely nothing to do.

The drawing is in ink using Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens size S and F onto cartridge paper in a complex folded sketchbook, which I bought in May and which looks fab but is quite awkward to draw into when you’re out and about. I like drawing outside, I think that artists should be more visible and people seem to respond very well, without the hostility that photographers can face in public places. I liked this little hot rod with it’s bonnet up – it was like a cross between the Anthill Mob and The Yellow Submarine.

Going Over To The Dark Side: Experimenting with Acrylic Paint.

21 Aug
Acrylic sketch: Theresa in jeans.

I’m not a natural born painter – I like scribbling and printmaking but I’ve recently been going over to the dark side and experimenting with paint, with varying success. Watercolours and Oils are a joy to work with and I’ve had one attempt at using Gouache, which I quite liked. However, Acrylics just leave me cold. I can’t get used to the plastic nature of them; the speed of drying; the intensity of the colours; and simply the way they feel on a brush or on my fingers. Acrylic seems to me like a very clumsy medium for painting – I’ve used it for screenprinting and it works beautifully.


I managed to do one life study in Acrylic which I’m reasonable happy with. We did some clothed studies of our model Theresa at our life drawing group and I managed to get this one done. I usually have lots of fine detail in my work; preferring to draw directly with very fine ink pens and incorporating fine drawing detail into my monotypes, so handling something as clumsy and opaque as Acrylic paint was a challenge. Anyway, here it is. It’s OK but I won’t be using Acrylic again in a hurry.

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