Small Boy, Big Icecream, A Bee and A Flower

  Today I babysat for my six-year old nephew and as we’re having a glorious Indian summer I took him out, around the local museums and galleries and then to an ice cream parlour for a rest and something to cool down with. He loves mint choc chip so he had a huge cornet, almostContinue reading “Small Boy, Big Icecream, A Bee and A Flower”

Spying and Sketching: People Watching.

  I sometimes go for a cup of tea to the café in Waterstones bookshop which is in a beautiful old cinema. The café is on the first floor and I sit in the large bow window overlooking the street below which has some lovely Indian Bean trees and benches and I sketch people. It’sContinue reading “Spying and Sketching: People Watching.”

Artgeek stuff – Continuous Line and Direct Monotypes [nude image – PG]

  I’m a frenetic scribbler, always sketching and I have thousands of drawings done over the years. It’s fun to go through old sketchbooks and see what I can do with the images. The drawing style I use most is the ‘continuous line’ method, where I keep the pen on the paper without taking aContinue reading “Artgeek stuff – Continuous Line and Direct Monotypes [nude image – PG]”

Amish Jam; Covered Bridges, and Bins in Walmart

Ink drawing: Melvyn and bins in Walmart.   We visited the USA a couple of times and spent some time exploring New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We went on a daytrip to Lancaster County, to the Amish area around the main market town of Intercourse [I kid you not]. It was amazing to see the hugenessContinue reading “Amish Jam; Covered Bridges, and Bins in Walmart”

Drawing Heads At Speed

  I don’t normally do portraits because I think they’re really HARD. I find it much easier to draw the human body, rather than the face, but now and again I have a go. It’s easier when you’ve been drawing the model for a while because you get used to them. The face is notContinue reading “Drawing Heads At Speed”

The Celtic/Welsh May Cat, Y Gath Mis Mai

Sparta, our two-year old tortoiseshell [calico] cat is simultaneously a tiny, sweet, adorable, cuddly little kitty and a rampaging murderous scourge of anything smaller than her that moves. Worse than that, she brings her prey into the house. People tell us she’s bringing us ‘presents’ but you know, I’d rather go without her little gifts.Continue reading “The Celtic/Welsh May Cat, Y Gath Mis Mai”

Printmakers – the Misers of the Artworld?

All the serious printmakers I know never ever throw anything away. Left-over ink is carefully wrapped in cling film, prints that haven’t worked out are recycled for drawing or collage, paper stencils are carefully peeled off screens and applied to a background sheet as a unique monotype/collage, old bits of wooden furniture and offcuts ofContinue reading “Printmakers – the Misers of the Artworld?”

The Soaked Bride of Meenagahane

Driving along the County Kerry coast with husband and young niece, we followed a small road down a steep, narrow valley to a tiny inlet with an old stone jetty and a few ancient cottages. A friendly geriatric collie dog ran out of one of the gardens and showed us around the tiny bay. TheContinue reading “The Soaked Bride of Meenagahane”

The Little Art Deco Chair

My dear Aunty Nin saved hard, putting money aside every week from her wages from the stall in Swansea Market where she worked. She paid the money directly to the best furniture store in Swansea and eventually after a couple of years she had a new leather suite- a settee and two chairs, delivered toContinue reading “The Little Art Deco Chair”

Just a Quickie

  Just a very quick blog tonight because I’ve been at the studio all day then I was working at the opening of the exhibition at The Brunswick all evening and just got back home. Here’s a sketch I did a couple of years ago at The Green Man Festival in Usk, a beautiful partContinue reading “Just a Quickie”