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A classic nude

2 Sep

Ink drawing: a classic nude.


Thursday night is life drawing night in this little corner of Wales and we’re lucky enough to have an excellent group of models to work with, all ages, all shapes. The drawing studio at Swansea Print Workshop isn’t very big and it’s often crowded out. Last night I sat on the floor to get closer to our model otherwise I’d have sat at the back and it was a bit difficult to see well. I noticed that this pose is very classical and similar to the French artist Ingres painting ‘The Valpinçon Bather’. She’s drawn in Faber Castell Pitt pen size ‘S’ into a Fabriano sketchbook.


The Valpincon Bather by Ingres.


Ingres was a brilliant painter and I’ll never be able to match his technique but I like the drawing and it might become the basis for one of my large full colour monotypes.


Scribbling skeletons at random

2 Sep

Conte scribble.


Sometimes it’s good to just have a scribble  and see what happens. It becomes an automatic thing, undirected and not linked to what’s in front of your eyes. It’s a chance to feel the drawing medium under your fingers and feel how it moves across the paper. Yesterday was a bit manic; studio first thing, gallery duty in the afternoon, life drawing in the evening and by the time I got back at 11pm I was too tired to blog, so here’s yesterday’s blog. I normally do some cataloguing or admin on my laptop while I’m sitting in on exhibitions at the gallery but my laptop died so I spent the afternoon randomly scribbling sort-of-skeletons. It was fun and made me think how bits are put together instead of relying on drawing it from life.

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