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Sprogs are so difficult!!!!

12 Sep

Ink sketches: Owain in the milk bar.


I don’t find children easy to draw. They’re like animals and birds, they’re not still unless they’re asleep so sketches have to be very quick and you’re lucky if you get an accurate likeness. Here’s a page of sketches I did of Owain when we took him to the local milkshake bar. He was chuffed to find that he could have a milkshake made with a Curly Wurly. I know it’s not healthy but aunties are allowed to spoil nephews and nieces. I did some quick scribbles in between slurps of milkshake [of course, I had a fruit smoothie].


The bottom sketch looks reasonably like him. It’s easier to draw older people because features are stronger and more defined and there are more points of reference like wrinkles and saggy bits. A child’s head also has completely different proportions, with the face being ‘scrunched’ up into a smaller part of the head – it stretches as the child grows older. Noses are littler and cuter and eyes look much larger. Bit like aliens really.


Faber Castell Pitt pens into a Fabriano sketchbook.

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