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The Man With Huge Hands and the Cholesterol Special

18 Sep

We put up the next exhibition in The Brunswick this morning – 8.30am start on a SUNDAY!!!!! It’s looking fantastic [here’s a link to it’s Facebook site if you want to see more – ].  Anyway, we finished just before lunch and after heading home to dump the tools and have a cuppa with Mike, who’s one of the exhibiting artists, we went off to our local greasy spoon café and ordered a couple of Full Cooked Breakfasts – proper cholesterol specials. I know we’ve shortened our lives by a decade or so but what the heck! Sometimes you just got to have some comfort food.

While we were waiting for our full-fat-feast to arrive, I did this sketch of some of the other diners. The man who is the main subject has the biggest hands I’ve ever seen. They look particularly large in the drawing because of foreshortening, but they’re still huge. I’ve seen him around for years but have never spoken to him. He has a very sad face. After I draw people I often wonder if I should have chatted to them but when I’m drawing I’m so absorbed in what I’m doing that I’m totally cut off and it never occurs to me until later.


Ink drawing: The Man With Huge Hands.


We headed home for a bath and a nap to sleep off the humungous FCB and then I prepared a rice pudding and put it in the oven on a very low heat while we went to the allotment and put in a couple of hours. I planted 150 onion sets, 30 potatoes [hoping to get some for Xmas] and a dozen garlic and then netted the onions and garlic to stop birds and rodents from pinching them. I checked the recent plantings – spinach beet, pak choi, stripy beetroot, Autumn carrots, winter ‘Spring’ onions and mooli radish and they’re all doing fine. I have to use slug pellets but I cover the beds with old net curtains and weight them down at the sides so wildlife can’t eat the few dead slugs that get through the barrier.

Digital photo: My Rice Pudding.

Then back home for this gorgeous rice pudding, made the traditional way with sultanas, butter and loads of nutmeg. We scoffed it all.


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