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Amish Jam; Covered Bridges, and Bins in Walmart

27 Sep
Ink drawing: Melvyn and bins in Walmart.


We visited the USA a couple of times and spent some time exploring New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We went on a daytrip to Lancaster County, to the Amish area around the main market town of Intercourse [I kid you not]. It was amazing to see the hugeness of the countryside; flat land going on for what looked like hundreds of miles, punctuated by large wooden farmhouses and Dutch barns; no electricity pylons, motorways or any of the ugly accessories of modern life. The sky was as huge as the land and made for fabulous photographs and we saw lots of wooden covered bridges, like in the film ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, and Amish residents clopping across them in ancient traps.


In the centre of Intercourse was what passes for a mall in Amish territory, which was a small cluster of wooden shops and a little covered market selling home produced goods. The needlework was exquisite and we bought a small piece of patchwork which now hangs on our living room wall. In the centre of the market area was a jam-making ‘factory’, more of a large kitchen really, making gorgeous preserves in a very traditional way. We bought about 2 dozen jars to bring back as souvenirs, not sure if we were allowed to import them but we did anyway.


Back in New Jersey we just had to visit a Walmart. It was huge; the biggest supermarket I’ve ever been in. Despite that, we couldn’t find anything we wanted to buy. It was a bit of a let down and a bit scruffy. I sat and waited while Melvyn spent ages trying on sunglasses and did this drawing of him. There were bins right in front of me and they were pretty full. I was surprised because there were a lot of bins dotted around and that wasn’t something I’d seen at home, in Sainsburys or Tescos. Drawn with Faber Castell Pitt pens in an A6 Cotman sketchbook.



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