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Artgeek stuff – Continuous Line and Direct Monotypes [nude image – PG]

28 Sep

Direct monotype print: female nude.


I’m a frenetic scribbler, always sketching and I have thousands of drawings done over the years. It’s fun to go through old sketchbooks and see what I can do with the images. The drawing style I use most is the ‘continuous line’ method, where I keep the pen on the paper without taking a break and restarting in another part of the drawing and also hardly looking at the paper at all.

I find that this technique is great as the basis of a direct line monotype. I sometimes draw freehand with my sketchbook on hand for reference, but usually make a tracing of the original drawing from the sketchbook and tape this to the back of a piece of Fabriano 120gms before placing it onto a plate inked up very thinly with Intaglio Printmaker litho/relief ink. I use a sharpened 2H pencil and draw carefully but speedily to keep the spontaneity of line in the original drawing. Here’s one I did earlier.

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