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A Watercolour Gorefest!

4 Oct



Watercolour sketch: The foetal warrior.

I don’t usually paint, preferring pen and ink, charcoal and chalk. Now and again I bring out the watercolours in life drawing sessions and have a bash. The received wisdom is that watercolour is a gentle, refined medium where you build up layers of pale delicate glazes. Some of the artists in the group do beautifully modulated watercolour studies with exquisitely executed skin tones using gently graduated brushstrokes.

Not me. I wield a brush like Thor’s double-headed axe, chopping at the poor defenceless little blocks of watercolour paint in their tiny little pans and then stabbing the unfortunate brush at the cringing paper. It’s a bit of a gorefest, like the forces of Asgard unleashed on the Frost Giants of Jotunheim via a small sable paint brush.

This is a pen and ink drawing into an A3 180gsm watercolour sketchpad, attacked with lashings of Windsor and Newton Artist’s watercolour.

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