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Sometimes Less Is More

7 Oct

Pastel drawing: female figure.


One of the hardest things in creating a work of art is knowing when to stop. It’s too easy to keep on going and overwork something which then loses its spontaneity and liveliness. I find it useful to do formal drawing exercises to try and overcome this; things like speed sketching, drawing with a twig and ink [really frustrating], drawing with your ‘other’ hand.

This drawing was done in seconds using a square section chalky pastel into a hardbound A4 sketchbook. I used the pastel on it’s side rather than the sharp point so that I wouldn’t be able to get any fine detail, which freed me up to concentrate on getting a flowing motion across the paper and blocking in the main areas and proportions. It’s very free and simple but I think it is also very clearly a female figure. Whenever I find myself struggling with a major piece of artwork and fretting about whether it needs more detail, I do a few simple exercises like this one and it sorts of reboots me and helps me look at my work with fresh eyes.

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