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Scribbling Kitties

11 Oct

Monotype: ScribbleCat On A Mat.


Sometimes it’s nice just to scribble. I normally have a very structured approach to drawing; very analytical and finished. Now and again it’s good to loosen up and have a scribble. One day I was sitting an exhibition at elysium gallery and I started scribbling randomly in a tiny sketchbook. The scribbles built up into cat-like shapes. So I added little faces and ended up with a whole load of scribblecats. I traced them and used the tracings to make direct line monotypes onto tissue paper [archival quality of course]. I also monotyped some background mats in yellow onto Zercoll paper. I cut out the monotype scribblecats and stuck them over the monotype mats. Hey presto, a whole series of little scribblecats, each unique. I’ve sold quite a few.

We used to have two brother cats, long-haired whites called Fred and Sialco. Fred was the eldest and a rather maladjusted moggy with a laissez faire attitude to hygeine – we were forever cutting dreadlocks off him. Sialco on the other hand was a beautiful and fastidious little guy who enjoyed visiting local pensioners and persuading them to spend their pensions on chicken and smoked salmon for him. One Christmas I decided to take Sialco to visit an elderly neighbour who was rather fond of him and dressed him up in a big Xmas bow for the visit. He was NOT amused. His expression was just like the one on this little Scribblecat here. 🙂


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