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A Monumental Man

19 Oct

Chalk and charcoal drawing: male nude.

Life drawing was a regular item on the curriculum when I was at Art College and I’ve kept practicing, going to local groups and classes for many years now. It’s good to work with different models and to be inspired by the techniques of artists in the group and I link the life drawing to my anatomical studies of Felicity, the skeleton I borrowed who lives in my studio, standing in a window overlooking the street, scaring passengers who look up from the bus stop below. I like understanding how the mechanics of bones work under the skin. This drawing of one of our older male models was done in chalk, compressed charcoal and conte crayons onto brown wrapping paper. It’s pretty large, about A0 and I’ve barely managed to fit the figure into the space. Egon Schiele had the same problem, so I’m in illustrious company. This model is short but otherwise monumental and I think I’ve captured a sculptural quality in this drawing, which is very much like him.



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