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Speed Scribbling!

20 Oct

Ink thumbnail sketches.

There’s always a temptation when you’re working with a model to make the most of the time you have and launch straight in to a formal detailed drawing but sometimes it pays to try out some quick scribbles first, putting the models in a variety of poses and making some very small, scribbled sketches. A lot of classical artists worked this way, doing thumbnail sketches and when they decided on the composition they liked, they drew a line around it to mark it out as the one they’d develop.

I worked with an older male model for these thumbnails and he’s drawn in Faber Castell Pitt pen onto Bockingford paper. The sketches are only a few inches high and were done in minutes but it’s surprising how much detail you can cram in when you’re not concentrating too hard and it encourages very loose and free mark-making which gives the work a lively, dynamic feel to it.



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