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Skeletons I Have Known [1].

30 Oct

Pastel anatomical drawing: Hand and knee.


People who’ve read my blog before will know that I share my studio with a skeleton, a lady called Felicity. But I’ve drawn other skeletons too. This one, nicknamed Fred Skelly, was the subject of many drawings during a life drawing course at Gorseinon College. He was once a man – smaller pelvis, shorter neck – and we often removed his head to get a better look. I did a series of fairly large drawings of bits of him in soft chalky pastels in ochre and olive with a bit of graphite block into a cream, bound Somerset A3 sketchbook. I like drawing from skeletons. It isn’t just about practicing anatomy to get a better understanding of how the human body works to inform my life drawings. I also think the human skeleton is a thing of beauty in it’s own right. I’ve made prints and mixed media work incorporating bits of skeleton and I like having them on my walls. Spooks some people out though!

Pastel drawing: Skeletal knees and feet.

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