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Skeletons I Have Known [2] SKULL ATTACK!

31 Oct

Chalk, pen and charcoal drawing: Skull Attack #1.

Keeping to the seasonal Halloween theme, I’ve been doing a series of pieces based on the human skull that includes sketches, pastel drawings, cyanotypes and blockprints. These two small drawings were done in chalk, compressed charcoal and Faber Castell Pitt pens into a brown paper sketchbook.

I’m going to call the series Skull Attack, which is a potent local South Wales beer made by a brewer called Brains. The SA beer, which stands for Special Ale, has been nicknamed ‘Brains Skull Attack’ because it’s very strong and that’s what it feels like if you’ve had too much of it.


Happy Halloween



Chalk, pen and charcoal drawing: Skull Attack #2.

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