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Cat On A Rucksack On A Blanket On A Footstool

4 Nov

Ink drawing: Cat on a rucksack.

This drawing had to be done! Little one-eyed Ming the Merciless, our fluffy Tortoiseshell [Calico] cat, doing her ‘Princess and the Pea’ stuff again earlier today, dossing on top of a large packed rucksack that had been left on top of a large, well-stuffed leather pouffee that was covered with a thick fleecy blanket. Any one of those would have been comfortable enough for most creatures, but not a cat – oh no! She would probably have liked it better if I’d have draped a newspaper over it all as well. When I ever-so-gingerly moved her to unpack the rucksack, she did one of those stiff-legged storming-off-in-a-huff stomps out of the room, like as if I’d put Smartie tubes on her legs lol.


Drawing in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S and M into an Artbox recycled leather bound sketchbook.

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