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Rickety Stairs and Giant Mountains.

8 Nov

Ink drawing: Rickety stairs on the Karakoram Highway.


Travelling across Pakistan in a minibus 4 years ago along the Karakoram Highway, we stopped in Kohistan for lunch and a cup of tea. The ‘cafe’ was an ancient wooden building with wobbly rickety stairs on the outside leading to the flat roof. It was unbearably hot inside the dark little shack so we all traipsed up to the roof and lounged around on whicker sunbeds, snacking and drinking tea and gazing at the extraordinary mountains before us. For a comparison, Snowdon at 3,000 feet is the highest in England and Wales. These mountains were around 30,000 feet! The stairs, indeed the whole building, was very very rickety – no EU regs and Elfin Safety out here! The drawing is in Faber Castell Pitt pens into an A6 Cotman watercolour sketchbook.

Digitally altered photograph: The Apricot Tree.

Our destination was The Hunza Valley, way up the Karakoram Highway. We went in Springtime and the valley was smothered in the pale pink flowers of hundreds of thousands of apricot trees, so thick that even the view of the enormous mountains was occasionally lost behind clouds of blossom. I took this photo then had a bit of a play with Adobe Photoshop ‘cutout’ filter.

Me in Gilgit with a large mountain.


Here I am in front of our hotel in Gilgit, the capital of the Northern Territories of Pakistan, with some of the Karakoram Mountain Range in the background.

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