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A Friend, A Kitten And A Lot of Old Prints.

10 Nov

Mixed media: Anastasia and Sparta and the MultiColoured Blanket.


I was working with an artist friend, we were exchanging modelling hours and I built up a large collection of life drawings of her and started wondering what to do with them, whether they could form the basis of new pieces of work. I also had some large sheets of very good paper that I had coloured with acrylic medium and metallic powders and I’d done some screenprints on top; the prints were from sketches in various sketchbooks. Unfortunately the screenprints hadn’t come out as I’d wanted – it’s a much harder process that many people realise – it’s a lot to do with the wrist action and I don’t seem to have it – yet.

Anyhoo, I had a drawing I’d done while Anastasia was sitting on a large floor cushion which was covered with a very jazzy blanket. Sparta, who was then a kitten of about 12 weeks, came in and started playing with a scrunched up paper ball and I managed to capture the two of them together in a drawing, which we both really liked.  I decided to redraw it onto the screenprinted paper and as I was working on it, I took an old black-and-white blockprint that hadn’t worked out right and I coloured it with oilwashes and tore it up and collaged it onto the drawing to make the blanket. I drew in compressed charcoal and black and white conte crayon, overlaid with white and neutral oilbars. I wanted to make her body insubstantial and transient: it’s to do with my death obsession I guess. But I also like the domesticity of the scene, a woman watching a kitten play while she chills out is a very everyday and ordinary thing to do.


The paper is Somerset Velvet 250gsm; Sericol acrylic medium and gold powder; Rowney System 3 acrylic inks; compressed charcoal, conte crayons, Windsor and Newton oil bars; Daler Rowney oil paints; Pritt Stick.

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