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I Don’t Often Paint But….

13 Nov

Oil painting on canvas: The Yellow Towel.

I don’t often paint as I have a printmaker’s brain which I think is wired differently to the painter’s brain. I prefer to draw and I get frustrated by dragging a bit of paint across a surface with a brush. This piece started as a small sketchbook lifedrawing which I then worked up into a large drawing in conte crayon, oil bars and compressed charcoal onto Bockingford paper. I used that as a template for a three-colour spearation monotype and then decided to push out of my comfort zone and try out some oil painting. It’s one of a series of nudes featured in the Winter show at The Brunswick, ‘Ex-Massive’, with eight other artists.It was interesting doing them, but I couldn’t wait to get back to drawing and block-cutting 🙂


Here’s a link below about Ex-Massive.


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