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Scribbler’s Block!! Where’s my creative juices gone?

15 Nov

Sketchbook studies: Hands in Action.


It happens to us all – Scribbler’s Block, Writer’s Block, do musicians get blockages? I’m sure they do. What do you do when you’re struggling away in the studio and the creative juices have dried up? You’ve already got three or four pieces of work on the go and everything you try to do to them looks rubbish. I have a nice cup of tea to start with [of course I would. I’m British lol] then I reach for one of my technical books and do some practice.

I’ve had a rough couple of days with no enthusiasm for the pieces I’m working on so I’ve been practicing drawing dynamic hands from a book by Burne Hogarth. They’re quite cheesy and very comic book, but I find them good for practice because they’re very exaggerated so you can see how stuff works. I have another of his books that deals with the dynamic figure too. The top drawing is in conte crayon and the bottom in biro, scribbled into a cheap A4 Belvedere spiral bound sketchbook. They’re only practice so I use cheap paper, but that sometimes frees me up and the practice pieces are often more fun to do and that sometimes helps to release the creative blockage. Hopefully I’ll be unblocked tomorrow.


15 Nov





I’m re-blogging the fabulous Doodlemum blog – her Arnie and my Sparta are a murderous fluffy duo!

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