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End Of An Era!

17 Nov

”]Last night was the opening of the final exhibition I’ve curated at The Brunswick – I’ve been doing it for three and a half years.  For anyone who hasn’t been, it’s a great ‘real ale’ pub in Swansea run by a couple who are keen on art and about 7 years ago they agreed to let local artist, Bruce Risdon, organise exhibitions there. He eventually moved on to do other things and I took over, with the help of my dear husb and his drill.

It’s very different to a ‘normal’ gallery and it attracts not only artlovers but  also the ordinary pub customers, who would never go into a conventional gallery, often buy the art there and really seem to appreciate it. We’ve been changing the exhibitions every two months, normally exhibiting three artists at a time. I’ve tried to mix them up a bit, having very commercial artists showing alongside edgier stuff and mixing painters with printmakers with scribblers with photographic artists with textile artists with illustrators. Basically, if it can be screwed to a wall, we’ll show it!

We started the Xmas group show last night and I decided a few months ago that this would be my last. I’ve learned a huge amount from organising the shows and become friends with many artists along the way, but it’s time to move on and focus on getting my own work out there now. A new studio is on the cards before Xmas and I need to concentrate on making lots of art. From January, the shows will be curated by local artist Tim Kelly and his wife Lucy. I believe they’ll be continuing the tradition of home-made cake at all the shows!!!!

The oil painting above is a detail from one of my works in the Xmas show, based on an original life drawing of a model who liked to dye his hair in vibrant colours – that day it was purple. It’s on canvas and about A3 size.  I don’t particularly like painting so most of the piece was done using oilbars and rags wrapped round my fingers. It was like being a kid again, finger painting lol :).

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