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A Biro, A Boiler and Two Cats.

18 Nov

Biro drawing: two cats and a boiler.

Every cat I’ve shared my life with has loved our large central heating boiler. It’s a massive floor-standing one with plenty of space for a cat and toaster on the top and one or two cats on chairs and stools in front of it. Here’s a drawing I did a few years ago of my two elderly, now sadly deceased, cats, Bobbit and Bola. Bobbit was a chubby alpha female naughty tortie [calico] cat and she always grabbed the top of the boiler. It used to get really hot and I worried at first that she might burn her paws or something, but I remembered that domestic cats are descended from desert cats and that’s why they LOVE heat so much. She couldn’t get enough of it.

Bola was a huge panther-like not-at-all-alpha male who loved being draped around my husband’s neck and shoulders and pretending to be a purring scarf while husb walked around the house. He was happy to let Bobbit take the top of the boiler [couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of fighting her for it] and he settled for the chair with the soft cushion. When he became too old and infirm to jump onto the chair, we made a little cwtch for him underneath the chair. The poor dear died there, aged nearly 20, in his sleep, snuggled up in a fleecy blanket next to his beloved boiler.

The drawing is in blue biro into an A5 bound sketchbook. The toaster didn’t last long. One of the cats puked into it! We think it was deliberate.

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