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Drawing A Postcard From America.

25 Nov

Ink drawing: Homeless man in Grand Central Station.

When I’ve visited New York City I’ve spend a lot of time hanging out and sketching at Grand Central Station. It’s a gorgeous building and there’s a vast crowd of people moving through it and lots of opportunities for sketching. There were always a lot of apparently homeless people there, getting their heads down in a corner for a sleep. It was awkward for them because railway police kept waking them up. This young man was asleep behind his hat. It seemed to work as I spent a long time sketching him and other people and the police didn’t seem to notice him.

The drawing is in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into a Tate Gallery Postcard sketchpad, with very thick card pages robust enough to send through the post. I didn’t rip the pages out; I filled the book with drawings while I was there and wrote messages on the back of each postcard to my husband and gave the little book to him as a present when I got back to Blighty.

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