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The Dreadlock Lecture!

27 Nov

Ink sketch: The Dreadlock Lecture.


Sometimes I get to hear about art lectures at the local university and friends smuggle me in. I went to one a couple of months ago, a lecture on drawing, given by Professor Deanna Petherbridge. I often draw when I make notes, especially when the subject is something arty. I started out drawing the Professor but then I got fascinated by the dreadlocks on the head of the chap in front of me. Don’t see many dreadlocks, especially greying blonde ones and I couldn’t resist getting absorbed into drawing his hair. And the curly-headed woman in front. Here’s a close up.

Ink sketch: middle-aged dreadlocks.


It was great doing all that patterning. I’m not a photo-realist so I can let rip and draw what I want. Faber Castell Pitt pens into an A6 silk-bound, recycled sari sketchbook. The paper had an unusual woven texture. I assume it’s because it’s made from sari material.

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