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I Knows ‘Ew Luvs Me ‘Coz ‘Ew Buys Me Chips

28 Nov

Mixed media: 'I Knows 'Ew Luvs Me'.


This large mixed media piece started as a simple life drawing in conte crayons onto Somerset paper [250gsm] that I had squeegeed with black acrylic System 3 ink mixed with pearlised and acrylic medium. This gave me a dark, uneven surface to work on. I collaged on some interesting hand-made papers I had knocking around, tearing them into tiny squares and added a couple of blockprinted skulls that I’d printed up on tissue. I like to use text a lot in my larger scale work, repeating a phrase over and over so that it becomes a rhythmic pattern across the page. I did this onto tracing parchment and pasted pieces over parts of her body. I fnished off the drawing with oil bars.


I like to use skulls / bones in my work as it’s in the European Vanitas tradition where artists would constantly remind us of our own mortality. The primitive figure to the right of the woman is a lino print I did based on a drawing of a pertoglyph, an ancient rock carving, I made during a journey around Pakistan. The petroglyphs were carved onto large rocks at the side of the road up the Karakoram Mountain range in the Northern Territories. It’s a very primitive man printed onto a highly textured hand-made paper.


The phrase I used is ” ‘I knows ‘ew luvs me ‘coz ‘ew buys me chips.” This is a well-known Swansea phrase in the local dialect and it’s meant to be a tender declaration of love in these parts. [For non-British readers – chips are fries]. 😉

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