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Wrinkles! [caution – male nude]

2 Dec

Chalk and Charcoal: male nude.

It’s nice to work with a veriety of models of all ages, fascinating to see the human body going through different phases. This is an experienced older model whose body wrinkles up beautifully. I know that goes against what’s currently our culture’s idea of beauty, but I like it – great to draw a body and face like this. It’s just a quick sketch using chalk and compressed charcoal onto a large sheet of brown parcel wrapping paper. I know it’s not archival quality paper, but sometimes it’s nice to use something really cheap because it frees you up, you’re not inhibited by the cost of a pristine new piece of artpaper. It’s also nice to work on a darker ground, white can be inhibiting. I think I might work this up as a 3 colour monotype sometime.

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