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Figures At The Brothel Window.

4 Dec

Ink drawing: Figures at the brothel window.


Every Winter, Santa’s Parade snakes out of the city centre along the main road at the end of our street. The pavements are usually lined with cheering crowds and the ladies of the brothel-at-the-end-of-our-road normally hang out of the windows and wave at Santa and the passing floats and bands. This year seemed rather subdued though, with fewer people on the streets and much more reserve; children cheered and waved as much as ever, but the adults were quite reticent. And the ladies of the brothel stayed in the background, peeping shyly out of the windows, half hidden behind nearly closed blinds with shadowy figures looming behind the shades. Are we all feeling down because of the unrest in the world this year, the continuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the economic crisis?

It was a very cold evening and despite wearing fingerless gloves I didn’t do much drawing, just a few scrappy sketches. However, there was enough to rework in the studio into a more coherent drawing which I’ll be turning into a photographic screen print which, along with loads of other drawings, will probably form part of mixed media pieces I’ve planned for the New Year. The drawing is very small, in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens onto tracing parchment which is translucent enough to be used in the photographic screen process.

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