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Hugo, Steampunk and a Warrior with a Mohican.

10 Dec

Drawing: Portrait of the warrior.


Went to see a fantastic film earlier – Martin Scorcese’s ‘Hugo’. Brilliant, moving, exquisitely filmed. It’s very atmospheric and a bit Steampunky. Amazing visually. The drawing has nothing to do with the film but it’s also quite atmospheric and stylistically it reminds me a bit of some of Whistler’s drypoint etchings, not that I’m in the same league at all! It also puts it in the same sort of era as Steampunk, Victorian / Edwardian –  maybe that’s a bit tenuous lol 🙂 Anyway, it sort of reminded me of the atmosphere of the film so here it is.

The model is a young soldier and he had a bit of a Mohican hairstyle going on at the time. I generallydraw him in pens but on this occasion I was inspired to draw him in graphite blocks, 6B and 9B, which is what I think gives it that ‘drypoint’ feel to it. The drawing is in an A3 bound sketchbook. I haven’t looked at it in ages and I remembered it because of the film earlier, I think I might go down to Swansea Print Workshop next week and do a drypoint from this. I don’t use the traditional copper plates –  too expensive. I use Intaglio Printmaker’s paper drypoint plates, which are a fairly thick card with a plastic coating and they’re really cheap. They give lovely results although you’ll be lucky to get an edition of 10 prints from one.

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