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Central Heating Broke! But The Cats Are Alright!

11 Dec

Ink drawing: Ming the Cat and the remote control.

Disaster. Central heating malfunction. In the middle of winter. At the weekend. Freezing cold, pouring with rain. Had to go out to buy food, got soaked, couldn’t dry anything when we came home. We’ve battened down the hatches, drawn the heavy curtains, huddled in one room with an electric heater and filled some antique stoneware hot water bottles that we bought in a junk shop many moons ago. So with these and a load of blankets we’re managing to stay quite cosy until the gas engineer calls tomorrow.

The kitties are especially fond of the stoneware hot water bottles as they keep their heat throughout the night and radiate it through the duvet and blankets.  Their thick fur coats help too – no consolation for we hairless humans though. Here’s little Ming cwtched on a blankie watching the TV, guarding the remote control. She’s particularly fond of David Attenborough documentaries. Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens into an A6 spiral bound sketchbook.

Tomorrow there will be warmth!


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