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Curry, Conversation And A Missed Blog!

16 Dec

Ink drawing over a transfer print.


Didn’t do my daily drawing blog yesterday!!!!! I went out for the annual Life Drawing Group curry, to the rather excellent Vojon Restaurant in Swansea and by the time I got home it was way too late to blog. I thought I would have had enough time as we met at the curry house at 7.30 but we all had such a good time that we didn’t get home ‘til after midnight. It’s always hard to choose because it’s such an excellent menu but they have a garlic-lovers selection and I was in the right mood for a garlic overdose, so I had the Garlic Lamb Frezi with garlic rice. The garlic rice was so garlicky that it’s probably best described as a spot of rice in a bowl of garlic. Delicious. Luckily husb also had the garlic rice, so we were able to sleep in the same bedroom.

There were seventeen of us, fourteen artists of all ages and three of our fabulous models. One of them is in this drawing. He’s one of our baby boomer models and he’s a joy to draw. I’ve used as my base a piece of Bockingford 250 gsm. I did a transfer print onto it some time ago, using a photograph [of an ancient mountainous village in Northern Pakistan] which I printed out with an ordinary inkjet printer. I placed the image face down on the Bockingford and quickly brushed the back of it with acetone [nail varnish remover], slapped a bit of tissue paper on top and speedily trundled it through one of the etching presses. This transferred the image onto the Bockingford, but in the process the image can change quite a lot, especially the colours. After all that palaver, I decided I didn’t like it so I drew on top of it in Faber Castell Pitt pens. Then I liked it 🙂


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