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More Left Handed Shenanigans

17 Dec

Drawings with my left hand.

I’m busy clearing out my studio at the moment to move to a new, bigger studio across the road and I’m using the opportunity to sort through and catalogue my work and also to be ruthless and bin stuff that doesn’t come up to scratch. I found this study and it’s more of the left handed drawings I spoke about recently. It’s a useful exercise to draw with your ‘other’ hand because it engages parts of the brain you don’t normally associate with drawing. These three heads were 5 minute poses drawn onto an A1 sheet of sugar paper with soft chalky pastels. In some ways I find it easier to draw with the other hand because I seem to be more analytical and the measurements and likenesses are easier to do. But the line is definitely more wobbly and harder to control, although sometimes it works very well like that. This is another elder model who has a brilliantly craggy and expressive face – great to draw.


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