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Wherever I Lay My Hat

24 Dec

Ink and graphite sketch: From a London hotel room.


I try to sketch every day – don’t always succeed unfortunately but carrying a sketchbook and a packet of drawing pens in my bag helps to motivate me. I think it’s important to just get on with it and not worry too much about what it is you’re drawing. It may not be the most interesting subject in the History of Art but it will certainly have some meaning for you when you look back through your sketchbook.

Husb and I take advantage of cheap hotel and train offers to pop up to London to trawl round the galleries and museums. We’re lucky to have these world-class institutions just a few hours away and although there are charges for special temporary exhibitions, the permanent collections are free. I don’t usually have time to draw when I’m at the galleries but there’s really no excuse when you’ve flopped down on the bed back at the hotel. Here’s the view from a rather nice budget hotel in Canary Wharf at the end of a long summer day trawling around public collections. I was slobbing on the bed and this is what I could see in the twilight, but if you pressed your nose to the window you could see the Millenium Dome.

It’s drawn in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens and graphite block into an A6 Daler Rowney hardbound sketchbook.

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