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In The Life Drawing Studio #3

26 Dec

Ink life-drawing in A4 sketchbook.

Another one of my life drawings where I set the life model within the wider studio and record some of the artists who come to the life drawing group. We have a good range of models of both genders and all ages and shapes, but that also applies to the artists as well. They are women and men, teenagers to octogenerians, mostly professional but with some students and keen amateurs. We’re all united in our love of drawing the human body and continuing an ancient tradition into the 21st century. The nude has figured in art since the Greeks in Europe and before that, in Egyptian art.

This is the life drawing studio / gallery space at Swansea Print Workshop. Our model is a young soldier who models in between tours of duty in Afghanistan. His fellow soldiers think he’s incredibly brave to pose for us. He tells them it’s nowhere near as bad as being shot at!

The drawing is in Faber Castell Pitt pens sizes S, F, M and B into an A4 bound sketchbook, opened out to A3.

ps Dad-in-law, who was the topic of yesterday’s blog, is doing very well in hospital.

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