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Watching From Waterstone’s.

27 Dec

Ink sketch: watching from Waterstone's.


It’s been a funny old week, all the routines disrupted by the holiday and fitting in daily visits to elderly relatives in hospital and nursing home so today I fancied a bit of peace and quiet. My quiet place is Waterstone’s cafe in the bookshop in the old cinema in the city centre. I like to sit in the window table with a pot of tea and look out into the street below and sketch. There are seats outside the shops opposite and all sorts of people stop and rest there, making them ideal subjects for a surreptitious scribbler.I don’t spend long there, just a quick pot of tea, a rapid sketch and my batteries are recharged.

Today, a very large man sat on the bench, dressed in black with sparkling white shoes and carrier bags full of sale goods. There was so much black on and around him that the sketch looks a bit Frank Miller, but that’s not a bad thing.


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