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Dead Lilies And Xmas Cards

30 Dec

Ink sketch: dead lilies on the table.


I’m aching all over – husb and I finished moving all my stuff from the old to the new studio – down a long corridor and down one floor at one end, across the road and up two floors and along another long corridor at the other. I’ve been moving smaller items over the past week or so, but today was the big stuff. I hurt in places I didn’t know I had [though I should as I study anatomy!!!]. Anyway, move completed although there’s a lot of filling, painting and sorting before I can do any work. Shall spend all of next week at it and post a photo of my new space. It’s lush.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with the hectic holidays to get through and poorly relatives to visit and I hadn’t gotten round to clearing away a jug of wilting lilies that had been composting away, well past their display-by date. When I went to consign them to the compost bin, I noticed how interesting they were and how rarely I see flowers in this state, because I normally get rid of them when they begin to wilt. So instead of throwing them away, I sat down and sketched them. Sometimes I wonder if my sketching is just a little bit OCD 🙂 . Husb thinks I should add a touch of colour, but all my watercolours are down at my studio and I’m not going out on this cold, rainy, windy, dark night, so I’ll do it some other time. This is done in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens, sizes S, F and M into my Artbox A6 recycled leather-bound sketchbook.

Just occurred to me what kind of weirdo finds rotten flowers ‘interesting’? No wonder my family thinks I’m bonkers lol.

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