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Big Bottomed Cat In A Kitty Sketchbook

10 Jan

My new sketchbook.

I had some new sketchbooks for Xmas. I love getting sketchbooks for presents. This is a lovely little one, about size A6, sewn binding, acid-free sustainable paper and a lovely cover that flips over itself and closes magnetically, by Paperblanks. Chuffed with it. It’s fitting that the very first sketch should be of a cat. Sparta, our tortoiseshell [calico] cat, was just cwtched next to me on the settee and because of the angle she was foreshortened quite a bit, which made her bum look rather big. Mind you, she’s been getting a bit chubby lately anyway. We’re quite strict with our cats and only give them regulation rations, but they have a knack of hunting down pensioners and persuading them to spend their pittance on tidbits. We think this is what’s happening, because when she comes in for her tea, she’s often licking her lips and then turns her nose up at what’s on offer. So maybe her bum isn’t so foreshortened after all. I’ll have to ask Dr. Rayya for her advice lol. I didn’t want to disturb Sparta so I grabbed a biro and used that to sketch with.

Biro sketch: Sparta's big bum.

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