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Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo

15 Jan

Ink drawing: Tattooed lady.

One of my favourite models at the life drawing group in the print workshop is a retired biology teacher who has had her body covered in tattoos representing the food chain. Lizards scramble across her body chasing ants and flies into carnivorous plants. She’s not easy to draw because it’s a balance between drawing her tattoos or the detail of her face and body.

I’ve posted her today because I’ve been listening to Van Halen’s single, Tattoo, on Planet Rock radio all week. I like having rock on in the background when I’m working in the studio and I’m chuffed that they’ve reformed with their original singer, David Lee Roth. Here’s a link to the single Tattoo – I can’t wait for the album. Of course, Van Halen geeks will know that the original bassist, Michael Anthony, has formed supergroup Chickenfoot with their second singer Sammy Hagar – also an excellent band – and that Michael’s place has been taken by Eddie Van Halen’s son, Wolfgang.

Anyway, enough of rock – this is supposed to be an arty blog. This is one of a series of drawings I did on one page of an A3 spiral bound Cotman watercolour pad in Faber Castell Pitt drawing pens with just a bit of graphite block in there as well.

I’m hoping that Van Halen will be doing a British tour this year – I will KILL for tickets 🙂



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