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Snatched Sketch And Exercises In Anatomy

16 Jan

Sketch in biro.

We went into the new studio over the weekend and completely re-arranged the space because I wasn’t comfortable working in it last week. Today was so much better. I finally settled back into some drawing after the Xmas break and the studio move. Husb came over at lunchtime and brought some meatball and melted cheese sandwiches, home made in the lovely little café opposite with their own chilli sauce – HOT! He had a catnap in the chair and so I grabbed my sketchbook – never miss an opportunity. Great chance to get a rare up-the-nose angle. The sketch is in biro, which I’m really getting into at the moment, into my recycled, leather-bound A6 Artbox sketchbook.

Chalk and charcoal drawing: dark man.

I spent the rest of my time there working through some exercises from Sarah Simlett’s book, ‘Anatomy for the Artist’. I’m planning to do a small series of editioned block prints, probably lino, over the next few weeks – bit tired of monotypes at the moment- and I needed some inspiration. I find it often comes if I do some technical studies and after a couple of pages of hand studies, I started drawing one of the figures into my black A5 Paperchase, spiral-bound sketchbook. I restricted myself to white chalk and black compressed charcoal, which gives a different black to the background paper and I minimised the detail, emphasising the outline. I think I’m heading in the right direction; it needs to be a pared-down design for a block print.



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