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It’s Saturday – Here’s A Kitteh!

21 Jan

Woodcut editioned print: cat up curtains!

It’s Saturday evening and husb and I have a dreaded lurgi. Nothing serious, just one of those nasty bugs that make you feel achey and miserable. I spent most of the day at the Print Workshop, proof printing a couple of blockprints I’m working on [I posted a bit about them a couple of days ago]. It went reasonably well; one of the blocks is fine and doesn’t need any more cutting, but the other needs a bit of tidying up. What I really wanted to find out though is if the concept worked and I’m pleased with it, so next week I’ll cut another 13 blocks. They’re quite small, only 15x15cms so it shouldn’t take too long.

Anyway, because it’s been a long day at the printshop and I’m feeling yucky with the lurgi, I’m cheering myself up by posting one of my blockprints of my psychokitteh, Sparta. When she was a kitten she used to run up our voile curtains. One day I grabbed a digital camera and took a load of photos. Some of them captured her throwing some weird shapes, so I made drawings from them and cut a series of 5 woodblocks, which I editioned. This is one of the series. It really emphasises the flexibility that cats have. She’s stopped running up curtains now because she’s too BIG. Because she’s found pensioners to exploit and she’s getting quite tubby.

Woodcut printed in Intaglio Printmaker litho/relief ink onto Zercoll 145gsm paper.

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