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Keep That Line Going

24 Jan

Sketchbook cat.


There’s really no excuse for not drawing, but I find it almost impossible to draw everyday, I’m just too lazy. Also there’s only so much you can draw the husband, the cats, the chair and the feet without getting totally bored. I was feeling a bit guilty today as I haven’t drawn for a couple of days [I’ve been cutting blocks for prints so I’ve been doing something arty]. I was sitting in one of our little art deco chairs and Sparta our tortoiseshell [calico] cat came and sat on the arm right up close to me. I grabbed a sketchbook [I’m never far from one] and started scribbling away with a biro. Although she was fairly still, she kept moving her head so I just went with it and kept the line going over and over the ones below.

I think it’s important not to try to get the ‘perfect’ drawing all the time, because you can end up with work that looks rather lifeless and also because it can be inhibiting – and time consuming. Although these drawings are nowhere near perfect and won’t be appearing in any exhibitions, they are quite lively; they captured that little moment of quiet with my kitty; and they got me off my backside to do some sketchbook drawings [although I was sitting on it lol. In my little art deco chair].

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