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Mauled By Ming The Merciless

29 Jan

Ink sketch: relaxing with Ming the Merciless.


Ming The Merciless is a small fluffy tortoiseshell [calico] cat who tolerates us and shares her home with us. Because she is so fluffy, she needs to be combed, especially at this time of year when the kitties are moulting off their winter coat. Honestly, you’d think we were murdering her. It took husb and myself and a giant bath towel, a lot of courage and sheer foolhardiness to tackle her. I know that people say that if you train cats to be combed since they were kittens, they’ll be OK but I’ve never found this to be true and I’ve had five longhaired cats over the years. They all turned into psychokitties at the sight of a comb. We managed to comb her all over but very little fur came out with the comb. It manages to appear all over the house, enough to knit into a jumper, but after all that effort – and injury – we only had a few wisps off her. And then we had to put up with her being in a huff all day. And the puncture wounds. Ouch.

She looked lovely and sleek though, but she went storming off to the kitchen and deliberately scratched herself all over to scruff up her fur – just to spite us! This is her last night, snuggled up to my slipper on the footstool. My feet were perched on the edge while she hogged the stool and the blanket. This is the way of the world when you share your life with cats.


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