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Come Up And See My Etching [female nude]

31 Jan

I spent today at Swansea Print Workshop learning how to do three-colour separation drypoint, which is similar to etching. You transfer a drawing to three separate, identically-sized paper drypoint plates. You use a drypoint needle to scratch your drawings into the plates, using your original drawing as a guide. Each plate is inked up with a different colour – Process Yellow, Process Red and Process Blue.

Three colour drypoint plates.


Starting with the yellow plate, a print is taken onto damp paper, we used Snowdon today. This is then overprinted with the red plate and finally the blue. I did a proof print today which I’m reasonably pleased with and I’ll do more work on the plates tomorrow with the drypoint needle, take another proof and hopefully I’ll do an edition on Saturday.

Printing the yellow, red and blue plates.

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