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The Final Proof [female nude]

1 Feb

Full colour drypoint.


Today I went back to Swansea Print Workshop for the final session of drypoint training. Yesterday I managed to pull a first proof [on the left] and this morning I used it to guide me while I did a lot more mark-making into the paper drypoint plates. I added a lot more cross hatching and some patterning along with some lively linework on the figure and then repeated the technique of inking up and printing the three separate plates [I explained this in yesterday’s post]. I’m pleased with the result [on the right]. I’m not sure if I’m pleased enough to edition this particular print – it should be possible to get an edition of 15-20 prints from these paper plates. I’ll sleep on it and decide whether to edition them on Saturday. But I really like the technique and I have some paper drypoint plates in my studio, so that’s what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days. I’ll see if I can get a series of four prints in this technique over the next couple of weeks and see what I think then about doing some more.

It’s easy to get carried away talking about the technical stuff and forget to say what good fun it is to go on these courses. There’s a good mix of professional and hobby artists and the standard of tuition is very high. I was in with a great group of people this week and we had loads of interesting and stimulating discussions ranging from the government’s failure to recognise the worth of the extended family in modern child-rearing to whether Grayson Perry is one of our greatest living artists. [Probably] 🙂

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